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I Am Blessed Mala Beads Meditation Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Get prepared to follow your destiny with this morning guided meditation that will help you move mountains throughout your day.

Oct 30, 2018

Meditation is such a life changing practice. If you're feeling like meditation is like nails on a chalk board you may want to listen to this podcast. God knows I needed it when I started meditating.

Oct 26, 2018

Take a heart healing journey to a place filled with wonder. A place full of natures abundance.

Oct 26, 2018

Any Mala Meditation is a powerful practice. Even if you dont have a Mala thats ok. By just saying a Mantra 108 times, it creates an energetic shift that aligns you with your higher self.

Get ready to dive into the all knowingness that you are truly Blessed.